All About Jazz 2003

All About Jazz
May 19, 2003
CD Review by Dan McClenaghan
Early Summer Sketch

"Swedish-born, Boston-based jazz guitarist Bjorn Wennas' debut CD, Early Summer Sketch, starts out with a sizzle. "Off" is an uptempo jaunt with a memorable melody, stinging guitar chops, and crisp sax/guitar unison. Wennas' solo has a tang to it as it dances with his band's bubbling rhythm. The next cut, "Early Summer Sketch" slows things down, featuring some of the disc's best sax/guitar interplay in a brooding mood. "For Bjorn" bops along with Kristof Bacso's sax solo doing a contained burn in front of jouncing rhythm, leading into more inventive guitar licks by Wennas. The Wennas-penned closer, "Love Song," features lyrics from an e.e.cumming poem sung by Carmen Marsico. Marsico's voice is pleasant...A fine debut; a nicely interactive band with a definite future."