Länstidningen 2003

June 11, 2003
CD review by Torsten Carlsson
Exciting lines that promises more

"From Boston streams jazz music with an Södertälje connection. It is guitarist Björn Wennås that released the CD Early Summer Sketch with his own quartet-enforced with vocalist Carmen Marsico. This sounds really good...we can...hear mood setting music, infused with curiosity, visions of the future and a bit of melancholy...Wennas himself is an interesting guitarist. Above all, his interplay with saxophonist Kristof Bacso is excellent. And just as you are about to conclude comes a track with vocalist Carmen Marsico-she adds even more to the group's attraction. Björn Wennås is currently working with Marsico and a new CD is about to be released soon. We are looking forward to seeing both the quartet as well as Carmen Marsico on a tour of Björn's home country-and home city-eventually."